What's next?

It's time to review where I'm going in Amateur Radio. There has to be some direction to all this. Here's my attempt to get things in perspective.

1. Amateur Extra license upgrade: Study, study, study. Get it before the end of the year (hah!). I once knew the math and not the code, now I need to brush up on the math now that there is no code. I'll buy an HF rig as a present to myself when I pass the exam.

2.  Radiotelegraph license: After I get the Amateur Extra license, study CW until I can copy and send 25 words per minute, cancel my outdated General Radiotelephone License with Ship Radar Endorsement, and take the somewhat more outdated Radiotelegraph exam. Maybe even go for the Ship Radar endorsement again as well. At least it will confer all the privileges of the Radiotelephone License.

3. EMWIN data transmission project: Get a Kantronics KPC-1200+, a KPC-3+, and configure EMWIN retransmission software to transmit weather data. Let's see how far it will go reliably on 300 and 1200 baud. D-Star and C4FM? feh. Costs too much and its for the most part proprietary.

4. 902 Mhz (33 cm band) project: I have one Motorola GTX mobile and one Standard GX-5850T, with software being almost impossible to find. Maybe some one will release an answer to the now discontinued Alinco DJ-29T.