PK-96 U3 replacement for date and time

Some time ago, I called Timewave support. Because Dallas Semiconductor no longer manufactures the DS1216D, the lithium battery unit for PK-96 date and time retention, I inquired about a replacement. There was none. Deciding to try to find a replacement on my own. I looked at a specs. It appeared the DS1248Y-70+ would work, the claim being it's a "drop-in" replacement. I ordered one unit from Avnet for about $42. It didn't work, the TNC wouldn't respond. Replacing the replacement IC with the original chip, the TNC worked. Some "drop-in" replacement. I also bought a new serial cable, in case my existing stock of cables were not functioning as planned.


I had written to Kantronics last year about the date and time retention capabilities of their products:
Does the KPC-3+, KPC-9612+ and the KWN-1200+ retain date and time information (logging, stations heard) out of the box, unlike the Timewave PK-96/100, which requires a time chip upgrade?

And their response:
The KPC-9612 Plus, and the commercial version KWM-9612 Plus, have a real-time clock installed by default.

The KPC-3 Plus, and its commercial version KWM-1200 Plus, do not include the real-time clock chip. It is an option in these units. An IC socket is provided on the circuit board where that IC can be easily installed.

Sounds good to me. Time to ditch Timewave.