C4FM projects

There are three projects that I thought of with Yaesu's C4FM. The first is using the data channel to transmit the EMWIN data feed from the internet, the second to use the WIRES-X news feature to deposit weather information, the third to use an FT1DR as a WIRES-X digital node.

The first experiment failed. The FT1DR can only transmit GPS, Waypoint and firmware data with the USB connector.

The second experiment failed. The news feature in the WIRES-X software allows for very limited text and images of resolutions of <= 320x240 and a size of <= 40 Kbytes. The files used in the news feature are not in plain text, they are in a format readable only by the software.

The third experiment will require, for the FT1DR, a CT-170 data cable (USB serial data input and output and ground) and CT-44 audio connector (packet data); for the HRI-200 WIRES-X gateway a CT-167 cable to wire to both the CT-170 and CT-44.

The FTM-400 has a 10 pin (DIN) data port which will allow for connecting the SCU-20 (USB) or CT-165 (RS-232C) to the computer to use the C4FM data channel. The FTM-400 can use the data port for GPS, Packet, or Waypoint. Note the mobile serial port has direct packet capability whereas the HT does not. The FT1DR is quite limited in function and the mobile can be used as a digital node for data transmission and WIRES-X. I doubt the announced FT2DR will be any different from the FT1DR except for the touch screen.

Some observations:
- When operating the FTM-400 as a WIRES-X digital node, when the TXout Gain in File-->Settings-->Property-->HRI-200setup is set for TX96, the transmit audio on the local node (that is, the distant station's audio) is much clearer.
- The FT1DR is an intermod magnet.
- On an FT1DR in DN mode with a power output of 5 watts and a trunk mounted quarter wave antenna, you can have a QSO on a Fusion 70 cm repeater through intermod alley in Minneapolis (Hennepin Avenue between Washington Avenue and South 9th Street), with only a few instances of audio distortion.
- The Yaesu hand held mic doesn't have much of an audio frequency range.