2014 Metro Skywarn frequencies

Wright County information is included due to the location of a primary repeater. Input tones are listed unless marked CTCSS. 000.0 indicates no input tone required.
Frequencies are current as of 5/9/14.

146.700 Minneapolis 127.3 CTCSS 127.3
147.000 Wright County 000.0
147.210 Burnsville 100.0 CTCSS 100.0

For Metro Skywarn mobiles, I recommend the following:

162.*** NWS (program the nearest NOAA site into your WX channel and enable WX alert function)
146.520 Calling frequency (program this into the 'CALL' frequency memory)
146.700 Minneapolis 127.3 CTCSS 127.3
147.210 Burnsville 100.0 CTCSS 100.0
147.000 Wright County 000.0 (to hear what’s inbound from the west)
146.400 Wright County simplex
146.970 Sherburne County primary Elk River 000.0
145.490 Sherburne County backup Big Lake CTCSS 146.2
146.550 Simplex (primary unofficial)
146.460 Simplex (secondary unofficial)
146.670 Anoka backup 114.8
146.760 St. Louis Park backup 114.8
145.170 St. Paul backup 100.0
145.430 Hennepin County RACES Edina 127.3
146.820 Hennepin County Sheriff Golden Valley 127.3


1. Ramsey County Emergency Management repeaters are not keying up with the information given on the MRC list. They are excluded here.
2. 25 watt mobile and external antenna is recommended. If a hand-held radio must be used, use the highest power setting and an external quarter wave antenna.
3. Backup repeaters will be announced by Duty NCS based on storm track and availability of repeaters.