Repeater on 224.24 Mhz

This repeater has been decommissioned.

My repeater near downtown Minneapolis for the purpose of testing a 222 Mhz FM repeater of 5 watts for propagation analysis is now in its testing stage. The Alinco units have an inherently low level of illumination (as compared to Kenwood and Yaesu HTs) and appear be susceptible to noise - the required squelch control setting for quieting appears higher than what it should be. This may be due to local RF noise.

Update: The local interference is caused by the car itself. I moved the repeater 100 kHz down to 223.90 Mhz. I need to find another frequency pair.

Callsign: KD0UDM
Output: 224.24 Mhz
Input: 222.64 Mhz carrier
Power: 5 W
Emission: 16K0F3E 16K0F2D
Antenna (rx): HT
Antenna (tx): HT
Antenna height: 100 feet
Antenna gain: 0 dbi
Antenna polarization: vertical
Antenna directivity: omnidirectional offset to 270 degrees azimuth
Calculated line of sight: 16 miles
Controller: Reed Electronics u-Repeater
Transmitter: Alinco DJ-V27
Receiver: Yaesu FT-60R
Coordination: Minnesota Repeater Council