Narrowband repeater operational on 442.700

This repeater has been decommissioned.

The Minnesota Repeater Council has coordinated my repeater near downtown Minneapolis for the purpose of testing a narrowband FM repeater of 5 watts or less for propagation analysis, compatibility with adjacent wide band higher powered repeaters, and intermodulation interference rejection in a dense urban environment. Range is limited to Loring Park, Downtown Minneapolis Southwest, Loring Heights, Lowry Hill, and Bryn Mawr.

Callsign: KD0UDM
Output: 442.700 114.8 hz
Input: 447.700 114.8 hz
Power: 500 mw - 2w
Emission: 11K0F3E 11K0F2D
Antenna height: 100 feet
Antenna gain: 0 dbi
Antenna polarization: vertical
Antenna directivity: omnidirectional offset to 270 degrees azimuth
Calculated line of sight: 16 miles
Coverage: Loring Park, Loring Heights, Lowry Hill, Bryn Mawr, Harrison, Glenwood, North Loop.
Controller: Reed Electronics u-Repeater
Transmitter: Yaesu FT-277R
Receiver: Yaesu FT-60R

Other frequencies planned:
442.6875 and 447.6875
144.5125 and 147.9925

5/7/2013: Transmitter now the FT-277R. The FT-60R was running hot even on 500 mW.
5/27/2013: Dual band HTs can be used only for light duty use with sufficient cooling and are susceptible to interference. Installation of mono-band HTs (FT-270R and FT-277R) or mobiles for receive and transmit indicated.