Basic gear

What equipment do I need as a Technician licensee and Skywarn weather observer* in an urban area?

Basic equipment:

- 2 meter mobile
- 2 meter/70 centimeter HT with handheld microphone
- Packet TNC and cabling for the HT and mobile

Satellite tracking?

- Arrow II 2m/70cm antenna with duplexer or equivalent

Propagation experimentation?

- 1.25 meter mobile
- 1.25 meter HT

High frequency equipment?

- QRP CW transmitter and receiver or transceiver
- telegraph key
- headphones
- antenna and feed line

That's really it. (Updates as I think of it.)

* Note: When I indicate "Skywarn weather observer" this does not indicate chaser. You are not a Skywarn observer if you chase storms and put flashing lights on your vehicle.